eCrimeLabs build and maintain solutions that will help your organisation's capability to defend and protect against the ever emerging and continuous growing threat landscape


Threat Intelligence Software-as-a-Service

The Threat Intelligence Software-as-a-Service service includes a REST API that can integrate directly into your security products and block threats or alert you on suspicious patterns.

The service is based on a fully managed solution in a protected environment. allowing you to prioritize your work and protecting your business.

The platform do support GDPR compliance and ISO/IEC 27010:2015 - Information security management for inter-sector and inter-organizational communications


Threat feeds REST API

Threat Feeds is delivered through a REST API that allows your solutions to easily ingest observables/IOC's there-by helping you to identify potential threats in your organisation.

The feed consists of both OSINT and privately gather and analyzed data.


Security consulting services

With a strong background of more than 20 years of experience in both defensive and offensive security, eCrimeLabs CERT can provide you with impartial security advisory at a highly technical level.

Authorized to Use CERT(TM) CERT is a mark
owned by Carnegie Mellon University