eCrimeLabs Cratos REST API

eCrimeLabs CRATOS SOAR integration

The problem of acting as close to real-time when you have a breach or infection is often a difficult task as you have to coordinate between different departments and people skills.

Using a threat intelligence platform will assist you on an operational level, but also assisting your organisation to prioritize on what investments could be done to improve security.

Implementing the Cratos REST API that integrates directly into your MISP instance allows your company to make all the incident response analysis data actionable instantly, while continuing to work on the incident, and decide the excact moment when to create blocking rules across the entire portfolio of security products from Antivirus, IDS/IPS, Firewalls, Logmanagement and SIEMs.

Cratos is a SOAR solution.

Our solution can both be used with your already existing MISP installation and if you want us to host and manage your MISP instance.